Online poker in Asia
September 13, 2023 By Arden Tata

Online poker in Asia

Today, the gambling market exceeds all the expectations of players. No one expected that in a few years this industry would take such momentum. A huge share of which have casinos, and in particular online poker in Asia. It is about him and will be discussed in this article. You shall learn about poker online for real money in Asia. What is this game? And also where can I play live poker in Asia? This and much more here, read on and enjoy the reliable information!

What is poker?

This gambling activity is a type of card games, which became very popular due to the fact that there was the development of the online sphere. In theory, the purpose of entertainment in poker is to collect the most winning combination of 4 or 5 cards. But in practice, it turns out that the winner is the one who was able to throw everyone else out of the game. To date, some clear and basic varieties have emerged.

There is an online variant when you play at any gambling site. But there is also live poker Asia. This is when you play on the Internet but via video link or offline.

Situation around Poker in Asia

In Asia, the game is just gaining momentum, unlike in Europe and America, where it has already become part of the culture in some regions. In this regard, so-called poker rooms have emerged in recent years.

However, many locals still do not play honestly, in underground clubs or through intermediaries. It is worth warning you that this is not legal and carries certain penalties, in the form of fines or even restrictions on freedom. 

The legality of poker in Asian countries

More Asian countries are making a move towards legalizing poker. And it is not surprising. The reason is the interest of the states in receiving income from the gambling industry. So to play it is absolutely legal in such countries as:

  • Japan;
  • Singapore;
  • South Korea;
  • India;
  • Philippines;
  • Macau;
  • And Hong Kong. 

Even here, however, you have to consider some restrictions. In these countries, there are a number of prohibitions regarding the game of poker. For example, almost all casinos in South Korea are for foreigners only. In Japan, gambling establishments are allowed only in resorts. But the most free territory in this regard is Macau, it can be called the Asian Las Vegas.

Poker Tournaments Asia 2023

Poker tournaments of Asia in 2023, this year’s story is shaping up to be quite interesting. Read on and you’ll understand why this is the case. The Asian Poker Tour has announced the addition of 3 new items to the 2023 season schedule. This brings the total number of confirmed events this year to 6. Here’s the sequence:

  • It will begin in Vietnam, starting with the APT Summer Series in Hanoi at the Grand Loyal Poker Club from May 26 to June 4 and ending with the APT Summer Series in Da Nang at the Furama Resort from July 21 to July 30;
  • The tour will then head to Korea for the APT Incheon at Paradise City from August 25 to September 3;
  • The new additions to the APT schedule replace the previously announced APT Ho Chi Minh 2023, which has been postponed until there is more clarity on the regulatory climate, APT explained.

These are the plans for today, join us, it’s going to be interesting and exciting!

Best Asian poker sites

As the market develops the choice of websites where you can play poker is off the charts. Especially for the Asian market, compiled top 5 best sites where you may carry out their gambling activities safely and with the best conditions. Please check them out below:

  • 888Poker. The fastest-growing online gambling site in the industry. In operation since 1997 and has 5 million users. It offers high-tech, industry-leading software. Also 888 poker has a wide range of game variants, and there are always plenty of tournaments with huge prizes;
  • Bodog Poker. This is a Canadian poker brand, was established in 1994 and has recently become popular in some Asian countries. It’s got great features and reliable software. It offers fast payouts and deposits. Customer service is top notch. Tournaments have a decent amount of casual and serious players, so the competition is varied and interesting;
  • Dafabet Poker. The Asian site confidently claims to be the best online poker website on the entire continent. Promises fast, easy and secure payments to your account once you sign up. The range of games has enough options to satisfy any level of poker player. New gamblers are rewarded with an instant welcome bonus, after signing up on Dafabet with no deposit required. There are also plenty of freerolls for new depositors and high-stakes tournaments;
  • Jamaica. The Asian poker room is fairly recent. It is popular for its 200% first deposit bonus Every hand you play on Pokamania will earn a certain number of bonus points. The software here is easy to use and is available on both Mac and PC. All poker games are played in Euros and traffic peaks on European evenings and weekends. There’s an efficient and reliable processor for withdrawing cash from your account;
  • Partypoker. Is the largest registered online gambling business in the world. It often hosts high-profile events and offers players the chance to win a seat at major tournaments such as the WPT. It has a poker school for new gamblers, which includes a blog full of daily tips from the team of professional game punters on the site.

These are currently the best Asian playgrounds for safe and quality poker. Rather get to know them in detail, go and enjoy the fun.

Poker apps in Asia

Today, a lot of players prefer this method for their purposes. This is exactly through an app on their mobile device. To say that it is very convenient is nothing to say. Apps today are really coming forward with comfort and technology. And here are the top 5 Asian sofas for playing:

  • PPPoker;
  • Pokertime;
  • Pokerbros;
  • ClubGG;
  • Suprema.

Some of the most modern and high-tech conditions are offered here. There is also a wide selection of games available. Growing traffic that provides constant fun.